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If you travel frequently to London, then you must be trying out various options for staying. We have discovered a hidden gem in St. George’s Inn Victoria that is one of the few fabulous hotels near Victoria Coach Station. There are many hotels in central London, but this one is booked mainly for its distance from major railway stations connected to the airports. It has a good reputation with its regular patrons who spread the word by mouth about its location. It is near the Gatwick Express, London Aquarium and quite near to Westminster Abbey. If you are looking for anything near Buckingham Palace or near London Eye then this is a good choice. It has a simple façade outside and it is beautiful inside. With the warmth of a good staff, it brings an environment of being at home instantly.

Hotels near Victoria Coach Station-excellent option to do window-shopping                                                                                                                                            

St. George’s Inn Victoria, one of the popular hotels near Victoria station has been refurbished recently. The rooms are sparkling and have been turned up to be guest friendly in all aspects. If you come from Victoria Coach Station, you can easily come to the hotel.  If you have done advance bookings in some special cases, up to 20% discount is given on the rack rates. There is also a condition that if you wish to cancel the booking it should be done 48 hours in advance. Once you come to the reception, the staff will guide you to the hotel room. All rooms are furnished well with subtle interiors and furnishings. The central heating system is one of the important features in every room. Other amenities that are available include direct dialing, beverage making machines, hair dryers, Internet. The bathrooms are clean and have complimentary toiletries. With competitive pricing this lodging is preferred by many guests arriving to London.

The property is close to shopping and entertainment areas. It is near the Royal Albert Hall where the latest shows are featured. The staff can guide the guests to the place easily. If you wish to go near Westminster Abbey, the direction will be given.  Go shopping in areas and pick up stuff to take home. And as a memory of the trip capture some dazzling pictures with the camera. If you run out of camera chips or batteries, you can buy them locally. 

Cheap Hotels near Victoria Coach Station-relax and hear the birds sing

After the noise and the hard journey, one needs peace along with the creature comforts. Cheap hotels near Victoria Coach Station like St. George’s Inn Victoria are ideally located. The birds chirp around and you may catch a sight of them. Even though the place is one of the busiest hotels in Central London, it is charming the guests to return once more. The bright interiors and pastel shades of the bathrooms are a beautiful combination soothing to the eyes. It exudes a lazy but trendy atmosphere for a single traveler that needs morning peace.

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