Travel Abroad with low cost flight


Low cost flights to Israel and from Israel – this is one of the special assets for a vacation to be spent in the coming period, the period of spring.

El-Al especially offers attractive prices, which can be seen in the UP site on the internet.

For instance to Berlin – the price starts from $99.

To Larnaca – the price of a flight starts from $69.

To Budapest and Prague – the price of a flight is starting $69 also.

The advantage of the low cost is not only in the fact, that you save on expenses – it is the special experiences which are to be brought into account. Prague is an ancient city with a rich tradition – Jewish and otherwise. The culture of the city is significant, and Kafka – the Jewish-German writer, a citizen of Prague – is not to be forgotten.

Also Berlin – a special city! The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the wall of Berlin – are only some of its attractions. Some of those who fly to Berlin fall in love with the city and settle in it. Some know to spend a good vacation and to return – also with low cost flights – to Israel.

As to Budapest – the Hungarian capital-city, with its two parts – Buda and Pesta; with its metro stations and antiquities. Budapest is also remarkable with its Jewish history.

The city of Kiev – in the Ukraine. Lately we hear a lot of news about Kiev – but we all hope for the very best for the capital city of the Ukraine. For those Russian-speaking it is a special attraction – and in Israel there are many Russian-speaking persons. They used to ask us from the Ukraine: How do you live? Now we answer: We live O.K.! Women from the Ukraine come to Israel, some pretty girls – and tourists from Israel are invited to visit there. The flights are low cost. The overall price is $234.82 for one person, which includes taxes and additions.

It behooves us to speak also about Larnaca. This city is in Cyprus and the weather is similar to that in Israel. The flight ticket to Larnaca – we already mentioned the low cost at the beginning of the article. Larnaca offers sun and beach, as well as souvenir shops and a history dating from the Ancient Greeks and other, ancient people. The promenade in Larnaca is enjoyable, and one can walk there both with little children and with adolescents – people of all ages, seniors and adults. Every one can find in Larnaca something to enjoy.

Let us return to the Ukraine. It is a large country, and a democratic country. It has a rich history. Many Israeli Jews have roots in the Ukraine – like for instance in Bukovina – Czernowitz. This is a city which was once under Austro-Hungarian rule and the many Jewish citizens of the city spoke German. There is a university in Czernowitz. As to Kiev – there are many impressive buildings there, and public gardens, as well as the famous squares.

When the flight is low cost – what remains, is a handsome budget to spend in the attractions in the various destinations – like for instance Museums. In Berlin there are special museums, worth visiting. In Prague there are ancient museums, and it is an enriching experience for the mind to visit them. The same can be said about Budapest – with its rich cultural tradition.

Low cost flights have many advantages.

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