Top tips to help you save money when buying golfing clubs


golfingPlaying golf can easily be one of the most rejuvenating experiences and can be the much needed break from the everyday stress and pressure to meet with deadlines and fulfil work commitments. However, while golfing can be a relaxing activity, it certainly does not come cheap and you need to spend a good chunk of your dough to ensure that you enjoy a quality experience. while a lot is said about the expensive nature of golfing, you also need to realize that with a little effort, you can turn the tables and still manage to enjoy great golf holidays by following some nifty little tips and tricks that will help you get access to some of the finest golf equipments at a fraction of the total cost.

  1. Should you buy new or settle for a second hand version?

Answering this question is likely to solve nearly 50% of your problem. You need to realize that depreciation is a phase that all golf equipments go through, especially golf clubs. Therefore, the price at which you purchase your golf club today may not exactly sell at the same price in the coming year or two.  Therefore, if you are facing a cash crunch and need golf vacation on a budget, settling for a used golf club is the best option. However, you may wonder what the quality of these used clubs may be like. One of the best ways to counter this issue is by thinking rationally. No one ever really plays golf every day and it is essentially a leisure activity that creeps its way into a person’s schedule occasionally and therefore, you can be sure that the quality of the used clubs is likely to be alright.

2.  Purchase new equipment at your local store:

This can be your go-to option if buying second hand or used ones are not something that you would like. Local stores are comparatively cheaper and the fact that you can haggle for a lower price is an added bonus, perhaps a luxury that cannot be enjoyed at specialist golf stores or other departmental stores. There are certain local stores that also have a return policy, which can work excellently to your advantage in case you come to realize that a particular golf club doesn’t suit your needs.

3.  Buy from an online shop:

It is a very common fact that the internet today is a rage not only among youngsters but among everyone living on the face of the earth. Your golf holidays would practically be incomplete without an element purchased from over the internet; therefore, considering buying your golf clubs and other equipments from an online store will not only ensure that you get to learn more about various brands available but will also help you save money at the same time. Besides, with a little research, you will also find interesting deals on used golf equipment online.

4.  Consider renting the equipment:

If you are a regular golf player and often take breaks every now and again to unwind on a golf vacation, you may want to buy your own set of equipments. However, if you are only just starting out, renting equipments may be a far better idea. Since you are just learning the nuances of golf, there is every possibility that the sport may be anything but appealing to you. In such a situation, you would hardly want to spend a fortune only to realize that golf does not interest you. Therefore, when just starting out, the best thing to do is rent the equipment so as to not damage your pockets.

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Shawn Campbell is a golf enthusiast who regularly takes off on golf holidays around the world. He is a businessman and his work involves an immense amount of travel. He is also a travel and lifestyle blogger.

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