The Northern Lights: Witness One of Mother Nature’s Wonders

The Earth has its many wonders and amazing landscapes but there’s only one nature wonder that is so beautiful and mysterious. The northern lights are Mother Nature’s own ethereal firework display – a wonderful, multicoloured show that takes place in the sky. If you are lucky enough to take a trip to the right regions, you will witness the convoluted ribbons and swirls, a stark contrast against the night sky backdrop. Many who have experienced the magical rainbows of colour have said to find it humbling and spiritually uplifting. You can book great trips to se the Northen Lights with Transun who are experts and will give you a fantastic experience.

How it happens


The phenomenon takes place due to the fast moving and electrically charged particles emanating from the sun being forced towards the poles the Earth’s magnetic field. The different colours you see are due to there being different gases in the upper atmosphere. In the northern hemisphere they are known as the aurora borealis, whilst the southern counterpart have the aurora australis.

Artic Region


The Northern Lights occur in the Arctic region, and because of its increasing popularity, many book a holiday around visiting the viewing hotspots. Thanks to holiday companies, what was once a pretty hard bucket list box to tick is now available through many package deals. From skiing to visiting Santa, husky sledding to an Arctic cruise, the Northern Lights will quite literally be the highlight of your holiday.

Best time


The optimal times to spot the lights are based on the strength of auroral activity, which runs in 11-year cycles. Thankfully, in the last few years, experts have predicted rich and spectacular displays.

Tip: book now if the Northern Lights are on your bucket list.

As previously mentioned, visiting Claus in Lapland is a great holiday for witnessing the lights. Whether you are looking for romance or thinking of impressing kids, this winter wonderland offers a lot more to do than most packages.

You’ll head to the northern tip of Finland to the pretty city of Rovaniemi. Every year around December, this region comes to life as people come from every corner of the planet to see Father Christmas – perfect for kids and adults!

Once you have told Santa your gift wish list, head 5-km south of the Arctic Circle and soak in the unspoiled frozen landscape. Here you can ski, go dog-sledding or snowmobiling, all in preparation for that special night experience.

Surrounded by a natural and simply stunning backdrop, look up to the stars and watch the aurora borealis illuminate the sky. If you are looking for that special experience and awe-inspiring moment, the Northern Lights won’t disappoint.

Check out the holiday companies online and see who offers this precious experience. Tailor make your holiday and grab a deal, all in the knowledge this magnificent phenomenon awaits you.

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