Relive history with old San Juan Puerto Rico tours

Old San Juan or San Juan Antigo is the oldest city in the US and its territories. It was made into a capital in 1521 when it replaced Caparra, Puerto Rico’s original settlement. When Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1493, he christened it San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist). The old city was a rich port and was name Puerto Rico. In 1520’s there was a muddle up by a cartographer who changed the city’s name to San Juan and the island to Puerto Rico. The name changes were never corrected and the rest as they say is history! Today it’s one of the most popular tours in Puerto Rico are Old San Juan tours and there’s no better service provider than GO Tours Puerto Rico. San Juan private tours take you back in time with the most breathtaking blend of history and natural beauty. The sightseeing tours are often Private tours. San Juan is the Caribbean’s main cruise port and a tourist hub. There is no better way to experience this bewitching destination than Old San Juan Puerto Rico tours.

Visit heritage sites of Old San Juan Puerto Rico tours

Old San Juan has been a Hollywood favorite with the filming of many features like Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights, The Rum Diaries and Pirates of the Caribbean. With six UN declared world heritage sites and over 400 ancient buildings, San Juan is a gem. The walled city has beautiful cobblestone paths made dazzling blue adoquine perfect for walking tours. GO Tours Puerto Rico provides you with the most charming Old San Juan Puerto Rico tours.

Personalized San Juan private tours for singles and groups

You can absorb the sights and sounds by exploring the forts El Morro and San Cristóbal and many of the 16th and 17th century buildings. Today these have been restored to their original grandeur and house museums with captivating artifacts. One can avail group or individual tours with knowledgeable English-speaking tour guides. These can be personalized too. The best tour operators provide San Juan private tours that one can leisurely enjoy at one’s own time and pace.

Sightseeing tours for relaxation and infotainment

From cathedrals to palaces, to the azure blue sky and the sparkling sea waves… San Juan is a great place for families to unwind and bond while going for sightseeing tours. Of course the beach trail is amazing too. There is plenty to do from sun bathing to scuba diving and snorkeling.

Private tours for groups

One can even customize the tour by requesting GO! Tours Puerto Rico for private tours. You can avoid the crowd and enjoy peacefully. GO! Tours Puerto Rico is available for the same 7 days a week but needs 24 hours prior booking.

Choose right company for Old San Juan Puerto Rico tours

Old San Juan Puerto Rico tours by superior destination management agencies such as GO! Tours Puerto Rico guarantees you the time of your life. Just leave the entire responsibility of coordinating the tours and transportation to the best.

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