How to Enjoy San Francisco on a Budget


San Francisco is a great place to visit. There are over 200 historic buildings throughout the town which can be enjoyed on a budget. Three things you need for a pleasant stay are lodging, food, and entertainment. You can easily obtain all of these without breaking the bank with a little careful planning.


There are many ways to save on hotels. When searching for hotels on the internet, consider options that are not in the main search engines. Some locations do not have the budget to pay for search engine listings.

You can also use coupon books to save big on expensive rooms. They can be found in rest areas or truck stops on the way into the city. Once in San Francisco, stop by the local tourist office, where they will have pamphlets or coupons to use at various hotels, attractions, or restaurants.

Local Attractions

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San Francisco has many attractions that are free or nearly free. Some of the most popular options include hiking, music, and architecture.

San Francisco is built on a series of hills, which provide ample opportunity for hiking. One of these hikes is the California Coast Trail. This is a 8.8-mile hike located right outside San Francisco and is classified as a moderate hike.

Architecture in San Francisco is one of the finest in the nation. There are the painted ladies, which is a row of Victorian-style houses. Billionaire’s Row is another architectural attraction. They are not accessible to view from the inside, but can be admired just as well from the outside.

There are also music festivals in San Francisco. The Fillmore Jazz Festival is the largest jazz festival in the world. Many artists perform for over two days and utilize four different stages. The festival usually occurs around the Fourth of July.

Good Cheap Food

Now for the most expensive part of any trip: meals. Luckily, there are many establishments where food is both tasty and inexpensive. You can choose from a variety of different types of cuisines. Here are just a few examples.

One such restaurant goes by the name eatsa. This is a vegetarian restaurant that offers different food bowls. All the bowls are under $6.95 for healthy options on a budget.

There are plenty of Asian cuisines, including the HRD Coffee Shop. Most meals are under $10, and portion sizes are bigger than most would expect. There is a wide variety of food available including, but not limited to, bulgogi burritos and Japanese curry.

Popsons is another popular choice. They offer single burgers for $5.25 and cheeseburgers for $6.25. A good affordable burger, even with adding extras, comes out to less than $10.

There are many ways to ways to save money visiting San Francisco. It is a city rich in history, culture, and entertainment, so there are plenty of opportunities to have fun without emptying your bank account. Put away the pocketbook and start planning your San Francisco trip today.


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