Hitting the Road: How to Travel Safely while Abroad

While the on-going political crisis in Russia and the Ukraine threatens to have a significant impact on the popularity of European travel, improving economic sentiment in the UK will at least encourage individuals to consider heading abroad this summer. Other European nations’ are far more accessible at present, especially those that can be reached more affordably by road or train. If you are considering taking a European road-trip this summer, however, you will need to take steps to ensure that you travel safely and responsibly. Consider the following: –

  1. Think about Logistics, Terrain and the Practical Aspects of Driving

Your exact destination, the nature of your trip and its timing will all have a significant impact on the logistics of your road trip. This raises numerous issues that require careful consideration, and your first decision as a driver revolves around whether or not to use your own car or hire a brand new vehicle. If you are travelling to a country with unfamiliar roads or potentially difficult terrain, for example, you may be better served by hiring a car that is more suitable once you arrive at your destination of choice. This will also impact on the cost of insurance, so be sure to conduct thorough research before making a final commitment.

  1. Invest in Specialist Insurance Coverage

On the subject of insurance, it is important to make an investment in specialist coverage that provides adequate protection and genuine value for money. Reputable insurers such as Breakdown Direct have developed numerous financial products to help meet these needs, with European breakdown coverage among the most popular. This is essential for any motoring trip that you are planning to take through mainland Europe, especially if you do take the decision to drive your own personal vehicle. This type of coverage is inclusive of multiple beneficial and innovative features, which can provide you with 24 hour-a-day support and comprehensive protection in the event, of theft, accident or mechanical failure.

  1. Take Time to Learn About your Destination and its Road Networks

Not all countries have been created equal, and this is certainly true when it comes to road networks and natural terrain. The laws of the road vary between European nations, and this has a huge impact on the interaction between motorists, pedestrians and cyclists on a daily basis. Once you have determined the precise route of your road-trip and the individual destinations that you will visit, it is important that you take the time to research the terrain and adapt your driving style accordingly. This not only involves basic factors such as driving on the correct side of the road, but also any additional issues relating to local laws and customs.

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