Four Features that will encourage you to stay in a Hong Kong Serviced Apartment

The use of serviced apartments in Hong Kong has boomed throughout the years, since they’ve been offering some of the most flexible terms. Apart from that, they’ve also been the kind of housing option that continually provides exclusive and roomy spaces (ideal for solo travelers, soon-to-be relocated corporate employees, and expatriates waiting to be moved to a permanent home). It’s definitely the kind of accommodation that will let you feel like you have your own home in the city.

#1: Serviced lodgings will offer you some of the most affordable deals

You’ll always be looking for ways to minimize your costs, especially if you’re traveling or sending someone else to travel for you. And this is where serviced flats can come to your aid. Rented apartments already offer packages that are both affordable and flexible. So with that in mind, you’ll no longer have to worry about paying for ‘per-day rates’, when you can pay for a serviced flat at one time only. But that’s not all, in this lodging arrangement, you’ll also get to choose your preferred length of stay. So whether you’re residing for only a short time (i.e. 4 week or 4 months), you’ll always find comfort and privacy in an apartment HK.

#2: A serviced lodging’s ambiance will always make you feel at home

You’ll surely want to curl up in bed after a long day of touring or meeting people for business-related matters. That’s why coming home to a cozy haven is always worth looking forward to. But unlike hotels where all the facilities are bunched up into just one layout, a serviced flat will offer you a more spacious arrangement. You’ll certainly feel more relaxed when you find that the bedroom is separate from the kitchen and that you’ll have a bigger living space where you can do anything as you please.

#3: Serviced lodgings have their own cooking facilities

If you haven’t noticed yet, most hotels don’t have kitchens in their rooms, but managed apartments do. A rented lodging usually provides a cooking facility. It’s where tenants can store their goods in the fridge and prepare their own meals. It’s a great amenity that will always allow every lodger the chance to control his or her food budgets while traveling. It’s a great convenience that’s truly worth paying for.

#4: Managed apartments offer a comfortable experience

Managed apartments aren’t ‘fully serviced’ just for nothing and you’ll also find that most rented flats offer several services that will make your life much easier. Just take for example V Wanchai. The V serviced lodging provides all of their tenants with the following inclusions: housekeeping (Monday-Friday), towel and linen change, airport limousine pick-up, 24-hour security, access to their self-service laundry facilities and business center.

The roomy units that are offered at V Wanchai are terraced garden apartments (opens up to a full outdoor dining area). Apart from that, each living space is also furnished with a 42” Plasma TV, DVD player and in-room safe. But best of all, each Wi-Fi-enabled accommodation is also provided with a spacious kitchen facility.


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