Crete’s Tastiest Cafes


If you love nothing more than to sit in a nice café and watch the world go by, chances are you’re going to want to spend a bit of time in Crete. This is because this country is home to some lovely cafés that serve just about anything and everything to locals and tourists alike.


So, once you’ve booked your villa in Crete and you’ve started making plans for your time away, all that’s left is to decide where you’re going to dine. But which cafés are the tastiest? Read on for more information!

Sweet World, Stalis

Found at 50 Agiou Ioanni, Sweet World is a wonderful place to eat and gives you a bit of a break from all of those pubs and bars that also serve food. The food here is just divine, and if you want to treat yourself to something special, this is the place to be. Please be aware that this café has two signs, one which says ‘Sweet World’, and another that says ‘Bakery Cafe’, and they are both on different sides of the building.

If you are looking for somewhere to serve you some really sumptuous but not too pricey treats, this is the place to be. The desserts here are just wonderful, and you will leave feeling satisfied! With a traditional café feel, Sweet World is a little different from the fast food joints that you often come across in this part of the world, and that’s never a bad thing. If you’re not looking for anything sweet, you may want to choose a sandwich, burger, or toastie from the menu, especially as you’ll get to choose your own fillings too.

With plenty of seating and so many delicious sweet treats to choose from, if you want to dine somewhere really special, this is the place to be.

Kirkor, Heraklion

Found in Heraklion, and serving a range of Greek dishes, Kirkor is wonderful. With plenty of outside seating, if the sun is shining you’ll want to make the most of it, so pull up one of the chairs and get ready to enjoy something tasty!

If you would rather dine inside, feel free to do so as there are plenty of chairs and tables in this café that has been decorated in a traditional Greek style.

Opposite a stunning fountain, and serving some very nice traditional Greek pastries and more,  if you’re hungry, this is the place to be. One of the nicest dishes served at Kikor is the bougatsam, a breakfast pastry with cheese and honey, and is absolutely worth a try!

Pasteleria de Dana, Chania Town

Located at Isodion St, Old Harbour, Pasteleria de Dana is another great place to eat. This café also serves a lot of sweet treats too, but they don’t serve the same things as Sweet World, meaning they are a little different. With an upmarket feel and a selection of treats that you expect to find in posh restaurants, this little eatery is well worth a visit.

While this café is not the biggest in the area, it is a special one, and you will realise this the moment you set foot in the door. With its classic Greek style, the décor is very pleasant, and the lighting adds a nice relaxing touch. You will have to make your way down a rather narrow street to get to Pasteleria de Dana, but it is definitely worth it. If you would like to enjoy something very tasty in a stylish café, you need to come to Pasteleria de Dana as you will not be disappointed.

Utopia Cafe, Heraklion

Situated at Chandakos 51, Utopia Cafe is yet another establishment that serves up some really good dishes.  Although the café does have a bit of a pub-like feel to it, you may still want to pay it a visit as the food here is just wonderful!

With its small wooden tables, comfortable green chairs and stylish brick walls where pictures hang, Utopia Cafe is a very pleasant place to be, and there’s even an old-style telephone on one of the walls. If you’re hungry when you arrive at this eatery, you’ll be in for a real treat, make sure you are really hungry though, as the portions are not small, and the food tends to be quite rich.

Serving cakes, waffles, fruit, dips, as well as drinks, and desserts, if you would like to eat somewhere that’s quite special, then you need to head to Utopia Cafe at least once during your time in Crete!

With so many different eateries to choose from, you may be forgiven for thinking that they are all the same. The truth is that you can find some different, diverse, and just plain wonderful eateries if you know where to look.

Although there are many really good places to get a meal and enjoy a snack, we think that the above four cafés are some of the very best in Crete. So, no matter where you’re staying, and what you plan to be doing on your holiday, you can be sure that one of the Crete’s best cafés is nearby. So grab your map or your sat nav and make your way to Sweet World, Kirkor,  Pasteleria de Dana, or Utopia Cafe, and get ready to dine on something really special, go on, you’re on holiday, and we all love to treat ourselves when we’re away!

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