Are you ready for your summer break

If you are in the process of planning the much needed summer break Chelsea will be a good idea. With plenty of good budget hotels near Chelsea Stadium like City Continental Kensington there is plenty of things to do. It is also one of the important hotels within easy access Wembley Stadium. With more than 25% off on the rack rates as part of the special offers available on the website, this is the best time for bookings. If you are planning not more than 50 GBP per room per day then this is your best bet. It is also close to plenty of other attractive destinations nearby like Earls Court, Hammersmith Apollo, Olympia London, Harrods and Wembley Stadium to make it a valued staying point.

Good Budget hotels near Chelsea Stadium-style and comfort


Amongst the current properties of hotels in Kensington area, City Continental Kensington has a winning combination of style and comfort that beckon the international and the domestic tourist in the area. The accommodation is simple and just right for the modern traveler who is looking for a great degree of comfort and a bit of style in its services and amenities. The elegant rooms have clean linen and sheets to tuck into after a long day of being out in the sun. In case you need to catch up with the rest of the work, the room is spacious enough to have a worktable. The Internet connection can be used in privacy. It is a home away from home. If you feel like venturing out in the evening again after some rest walk down near 02 Arena. With its state-of-the-art concert areas, it is a fabulous entertainment venue for the evenings.  You may even wish to move around near Piccadilly Circus to catch the evening pulse of the city. The hotel is also near shopping area where one can pick up odd stuff to take home. The City Continental Kensington is also near Harrods the famed departmental store that stocks the world’s best things. Most football fans that come to the Chelsea Stadium choose the hotel to soak up the excitement of the games of their favorite teams.   

Hotels within easy access Wembley Stadium-easy transportation

With some guests are looking for hotels within easy access, Wembley Stadium, immediately the nearby City Continental Kensington comes to the mind. A few travelers like to have their cars but the hotel does not have a car park. But barely 15 minutes away at Earls Court is P1, Sea Grave Road that is an open-air car park. It is convenient to book the hotel if you already have your transport. The car park is open from 7 am to 10 pm in the night that allows guests plenty of time to move around the city.  Some guests also leave the vehicle for the night but they can remove the car only the times mentioned earlier. With easy transportation one can easily check out hot spots like Hammersmith Apollo, Olympia London and Harrods.

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