5 Yacht and Cruise Ship Travel Planning Tips

Traveling by way of yacht or cruise ship can be a fantastic, unique experience. Cruise and yacht travel is unlike any other travel experience, so it is essential that you pack and prepare accordingly to ensure you have the best vacation possible. Here are 5 helpful yacht and cruise ship travel planning tips.

  1. Travel Planning TipsCheck the weather in advance. Do some research to find out what the weather is typically like during the time of year that you plan to be traveling. If you are traveling to Alaska during cold weather, you will want to be sure to pack warm clothing, jackets and sturdy, supportive boots with traction for on land excursions. If you are going to a tropical destination, on the other hand, bathing suits, shorts, sunscreen and sunglasses will be essential to your comfort.
  2. Book your trip early. The earlier you reserve your spot on the yacht or cruise ship, the more likely you will be to be eligible for early bird discounts or other promotions that the cruse line is holding. You can also book activities and dinner reservations in advance as well, so if there is a certain leisurely activity you’d like to do or a restaurant you are excited to try, be sure to call ahead before they’re completely booked by other fellow travelers.
  3. While planning ahead is best for a tight schedule, if you are more flexible, there are also deals quite often at the last minute. Usually during the last 60-90 days before the cruise, lines will offer more discounts to ensure that they are able to fill the ship up to as close to capacity as possible, make the trip more cost and energy efficient for everyone.
  4. Determine what kind of room you want. Typically there are only 4 main options including inside, outside, balcony, or suite. Balconies and suites are often the priciest due to size and luxury. Inside cabins do not have a view outside and for this reason they are much cheaper than the outside options, however this is a matter of preference as well as how much time you expect to spend in your cabin during the voyage.
  5. Find out if buying insurance is necessary for you, and also inquire about the cruise or yacht’s cancellation policy to protect yourself in case of an emergency situation. Insurance can protect you in case of medical problem during the trip, so that you don’t leave a vacation with a pile of medical bills. It can also help with stolen items, extreme weather conditions, and other situations. Insurance is typically only a few hundred dollars and could save you from having to end up spending thousands.

Keeping these tips in mind, being practice, and planning ahead can help to ensure that you enjoy “smooth sailing” during your yacht or cruise ship travel experience. Always check the weather to determine how you should pack, reserve your spot in advance, choose your room based on your needs and preferences, look out for early bird as well as last minute deals, and consider insurance for your travels. Cruises and yacht travel provide top of the line vacation experiences with the best service, yacht quality such as lighting from Apex lighting, destinations and more for a terrific trip you will never forget!

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