5 Ways for Travelers to Make It Through Airport Security Faster

DCEAD9 Airline stewardess handing over passport

When traveling by plane, airports can be quite an inconvenient place. If you do not plan ahead properly, going through security can be a huge hassle and can consume a lot of time, causing stress and forcing you to rush to your boarding gate. In order to have a more civilized, calm and efficient experience, be sure to prepare properly. Here are 5 ways for travelers to make it through airport security much faster.

  1. Airline stewardess handing over passportPrepare yourself for airport security. If you don’t pack or dress with security in mind, you will waste time and the security check will be a bigger hassle than it needs to be. Prepare yourself by making sure your laptop is easy to remove from a bag or use a TSA approved laptop case. Also, using small packing cubes in your luggage can make it easier for security personal to observe the inside of your suitcase. When pacing, make sure your liquids such as shampoos and other items are within the restrictions. These should be easy to remove. Also, wear comfortable, slip on shoes that you don’t need to lace up or tie. This makes going through the scanner that much quicker!
  2. Upload your boarding pass on your smart phone with the use of a handy app! This help you to reduce papers and make it easier to find the documents you need when in a hurry. Most airlines are now offering apps that allow you to upload your blading pass right on the screen to be used one your get to the airport. Just make sure your phone is charged well enough so that you can show the ticket at the gate and bring a back up charger! This will save you time printing your ticket at home or at the checkin kiosk at the terminal.
  3. Don’t check a bag. Whenever possible, try to carry everything you will need onto the plane with you. This reduces time checking in. It also saves you time once you arrive at your destination since you don’t have to wait for your luggage on the carousel! Most airlines allow one small carry-on size bag as well as a personal bag like a book bag, purse, or laptop case.
  4. Join the elite clubs airlines offer. This is especially useful if you fly often. While some require a fee, others are free, so be sure to explore options. Once you are a member of an elite club such the Delta Gold Medallion member or an AAdvantage Gold membership through American Airlines, you will often have may privileges. These perks include priority lines at airport security checks.
  5. Finally, if you are really in a time crunch, sometime it can be effective to simply ask if you can use the priority line. Things happen and you may end up getting stuck in traffic, or being held up at the OneStop Parking lot. Often the TSA workers or airport workers on staff will be friendly and willing to accommodate you in a desperate situation if you ask nicely and politely. Being panicked, frantic or rude, will likely make the process longer for you. So, keep a positive attitude and don’t be afraid to speak up and seek help.

Whether you were stuck in traffic, lost track of time while adding video to your website, or if you simply want to get through security faster and reduce stress, these tips will definitely come in handy at the security line! Be sure to prepare yourself and your luggage for the check, use an app to upload your boarding pass and papers on your smart phone, don’t check a bag, join elite promotion clubs, and simply ask nicely if you are in a hurry.

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