5 of the Best Car-Free Travel Destinations in the World

A car-free travel destination? Is there such a magical place? In a world where grumbling, whizzing, beeping and gurgling cars are the norm, sometimes you just want to retreat to a place where you can actually hear the birds chirping for once. Moreover, if you are tired of looking for cheap Connecticut car insurance quotes – or a cheap car insurance quote in whatever state you live – you may be ready for a car-free respite. Luckily, there are a myriad of car free countries, islands and provinces around the world where you can hang up your car keys and relax. Here are five of the best car-free travel destinations in the world.

  1. Car-Free Travel Destinations in the WorldCatalina Island. This is an amazing little island community about a forty-five minute ferry ride from Los Angeles. Catalina was once a vacation destination for the wealthy, but now has a welcoming environment for all. Not only can you experience the city life in the town of Avalon, but you can also go camping in Cherry Cove. The best part is that there are no cars on the island – just golf carts to get you around.
  2. Houten, Netherlands. This is one of those rare cities that is almost entirely traversed by bicycle – no cars at all. In fact, the city has encouraged bicycle riding as the primary mode of transportation by creating specialized bike lanes and other roads dedicated to bikers. So, if you are looking for a beautiful city in Northern Europe to visit – you may want to consider Houten. Not only will you get a break from driving, but you may also get some exercise.
  3. Victoria Beach, Manitoba Canada. This is one of the oldest towns and cities in Canada and there are large portions of the city that are cut off from car traffic. So, you get to experience this town’s quaintness and little old-fashioned cottages on foot – without worrying about crossing the street and looking both ways. Moreover, not only is this town quiet, the air is clean and fresh, which means that you will feel great walking around and exploring.
  4. Nantucket. This New England beach-side community is one of the most laid back towns in the U.S. Without the stress of traffic, people are more inclined to hang out on the beach, read a book or splash in the water. At night, you can eat at one of the many incredibly seafood restaurants for fresh lobster, clams and other seafare. You can also visit the Whaling Museum and get a hint of Nantucket’s rich cultural history.
  5. South Padre Island. If you head south – to the Gulf of Mexico – you can experience this amazing ocean-side community, which has no car traffic whatsoever. In the summertime – when it is particular hot – there is nothing like luxuriating in the ocean or walking through town. Moreover, it is one of the best towns to visit if you have kids – they even have sand castle building classes. What can be more fun than that?

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