5 Great Vacation Destinations for Ziplining


Ziplines have been used for centuries – to move heavy and large objects and to traverse areas that were too high for ladders and too dangerous for flying vessels, like rainforest canopies. Eventually, ziplining became a recreational activity. Consisting of a rope and pulley mechanism, the zipliner is attached via harness and can travel down the length of the rope. In a safe environment, it can be incredibly fun – think of it like a cross between bungee jumping and rock climbing. In fact, many people who are too nervous about skydiving or bungee jumping enjoy ziplining, because it is a lot more controlled and safe. When it comes to going on a zipline vacation, there are many destinations to choose from. Here are five great destinations for ziplining.

  1. California. The forests and canyons of California are replete with many ziplining tours. Plus, you can choose from many different climates and locales – you can go for a more dense forest with lots of trees or you can go for a much more rocky experience. Regardless, California is great if you want to experience year-round ziplining excitement. In fact, if you visit the San Diego Zoo, you can take a ziplining tour over the actual animals on exhibit.
  2. Nicaragua. This is pretty much where ziplining was invented – in the canopies of Nicaragua. These days, you can take an amazing controlled zipline tour through the canopies of this country’s dense rainforest. If you are looking for one of the most beautiful ziplining tours, this is definitely it. At the top of these canopies, you can get a glimpse of some of the rare flora that grows there – a glimpse that many people never get to see in their entire lives.
  3. Alaska. If you want a location with a totally unique landscape and some of the greatest perches for ziplining, you are going to have to visit Alaska. There are many locations within this state that offer some amazing ziplining experiences. Plus, if you are visiting Alaska for a ski or snow trip, taking part in some of the ziplining fun is something that you should definitely add to your itinerary. Just make sure, though, that the zipline company is registered and has all the safety equipment that is needed, because you don’t want to wind up getting injured.
  4. Tennessee. If you want one of the best ziplining experiences in the world, you’ll want to visit Tennessee. Within this great state, you’ll find the FoxFire Mountain ziplining tour, which is located in Eastern Tennessee. Not only can you partake in ziplining, but you can also partake in off road adventures and hiking – in essence, it’s the total package.
  5. Costa Rica. If you want another tropical ziplining experience, you may want to think about visiting this Central American location. Not only can you glide along the canopies, but you can also glide along many of the tropical rivers and bodies of crystal blue water. If you want a ziplining experience in paradise, this is it.

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