5 Beautiful Places to Visit When Traveling to New Zealand

Is it time that you’ve had a bit of a vacation? If so, have you ever considered going to New Zealand? Sure, initially, it might seem a bit far away but once you land on this country island that is located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, we’re pretty confident that it’s beautiful scenery, crystal clear waters and fun outdoor activities will make it a place that you’ll want to return to time and time again.


If all of this is starting to pique your interest but before you call your travel agent, you’d like to know about some of the beautiful places that New Zealand has to offer, we have provided you with a list of five of our absolute favorite ones below:

Franz Josef Glacier. If you’re someone who enjoys hiking, then make sure to put Franz Josef Glacier on your list of places to go while you’re in New Zealand. Aside from it’s nature trails, in the summer, there are rivers where you can go white water rafting. And in the wintertime, you can go heli-hiking where you can literally fly over some of the glacier and then land in a place where you can hike on the ice. There are even glacier hot pools available where you can rest after a long day.

Tongariro Crossing. Speaking of hiking, the Tongariro Crossing is one place where locals and tourists alike feel is one of the best places to hike in all of New Zealand. The walk is relatively easy but during the time that you are doing it, you are able to take in all kinds of sites from high peaks and sulfur lakes to volcanic terrain too. In fact, there is so much to take in, that you should be prepared to be on the tour for about 8-9 hours.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves. If you’re planning to take some children along with you, something else that we recommend you do is go to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. At first it might sound like just a name but once you actually step foot into the caves, you will realize that it is a literal experience where you will see worms glowing in the dark as you walk through it. It’s definitely a memorable experience as you’re in the process of floating down the rivers or even jumping over some of its waterfalls.

Bay of Islands. One place that encourages plenty of rest and relaxation is the Bay of Islands. Whether it’s walking along the beach, sitting in a boat as you catch sight of some of the whales and dolphins in the water or you’re simply looking for some really good seafood, this is the spot that has it all.

Queenstown. Hailed as a place that’s considered to be one of the most fun in all of New Zealand (and to some, even all of the world), don’t forget about Queenstown. Aside from being the best place to go bungee jumping and golfing, if you’re looking for some scenic nightlife action, there is plenty of art and music there too. It’s a great way to end your time in New Zealand, for sure. For more information on Queenstown and all that it has to offer, visit¬†Everything Queenstown.

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